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Moose and/or Caribou Fall Hunting Packages

Image3.jpg (50247 bytes)     Branch River Air Service offers several hunting packages to help you plan your hunting trip to Alaska.  Our packages are for unguided drop off hunts only and represent transportation to and from the field for you, your gear, all meat, and your trophy.  These hunts are priced from King Salmon, Alaska.  You are responsible for your own transportation to and from King Salmon by commercial air carriers from Anchorage. Branch River Air can offer commercial air fare rates at discounts on these packages through our travel agency of choice.  Contact Alaska Wilderness Travel at (800) 544-2236 for schedules, rates and reservations for travel from your point of departure to Anchorage and King Salmon.  Be sure to mention Branch River Air when requesting information to be qualified for these special rates.

          All basic hunts fall within a 60 mile radius of King Salmon.  Basic Hunts include a take out and a pick up only.  Some of our Deluxe and Gentlemen’s hunts can be used as basic hunts in areas outside of this radius.  If hunting should be outside this radius, higher rates will occur.  Deluxe Hunts are set up to offer you a mid hunt check flight.  This mid hunt check flight can be used to relocate to another nearby site, back haul meat and trophy, or early pick up and return to King Salmon.  Gentlemen’s Hunts allow us to check on you more frequently, allow us more time for surveying animals, and more general air time for better flexibility and opportunity to good access and locations for the hunt.  These hunts are recommended for those hunters who wish to have less restrictions on hunt location, more frequent check up flights to pick up meat and to relocate hunters, and give them better opportunity for decision making during the hunt.

            On these package hunts, Branch River Air reserves the right to determine hunt locations and sites.  Hunting sites and locations are determined by past experience and current game concentrations and migrations.

            If you have a preferred area or have experience in the area, you can request that area and we will consider it as a possible location to hunt.  We can quote prices for any hunt that you may request, based on charter rates that do not fit within the parameters of these package hunt offerings. 

            It is your responsibility to outfit yourselves appropriately for your hunt.  There are many articles and books about hunting in Alaska that you may consider acquiring.  Contact Chris Batin at Alaska Hunter Publications, for information on hunting in Alaska.  It is also your responsibility to make yourself aware of all federal, state and local laws concerning hunting, camping, and resource use in the area of your intended hunt.  See the Hunter General Information Sheet and the Deposit Itinerary Form.  Contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for regulations pertaining to hunting in Alaska.

            All prices include:  a map briefing of the hunt area, fly over view of the hunt area, float plane service to and from the hunt area for you, your gear, meat and trophy.  All hunt prices are based on a two (2) person minimum, 70 lbs. per person gear allowance, and the taking of only one (1) animal (combo hunts are for two animals).  Any excess gear will be weighed and an extra charge will be assessed at charter rates for additional aircraft.  Please keep in mind that the aircraft used for these purposes have limits of weight and balance for the flights to and from the field.  Keep in mind that things are changing with hunting rules and regulations.  Game populations have diminished and migrations have changed.  Plan according to Fish and Game Regulations available online.

            After your arrival in King Salmon, Alaska, you will be met at the airport and given the opportunity to shop for items at the local store, purchase licenses and tags (we recommend that you purchase your tags in King Salmon), and then transported to our office and dock for arranging your gear and then loading the float plane for your trip into the field to begin your hunt (see the Hunters General Information Sheet).  Hunter orientation videos must be viewed and affidavits signed before leaving for the field.  These videos are available from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Branch River Air Service Moose Hunt

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*UNGUIDED DROP-OFF HUNTS Transportation from King Salmon only.  Charters available.  Priced per person (pp), with a minimum of two (2) people.  (Note: A 6% fuel surcharge is added to all rates)

Species Basic Hunt Deluxe Hunt  Gentlemen’s Hunt
Caribou     N/A  N/A    Charter Rates
Moose    Call For Pricing  Call For Pricing  Call For Pricing 
Moose River Float    Call For Pricing  Call For Pricing   Call For Pricing 

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*HUNT AND FISH COMBO – Available Aug 10 – Oct 10 only.  Two person minimum. From King Salmon.

                        The hunt and fish combo package is a great way to experience a combination of unguided caribou hunting with some of Alaska’s best fishing.  The Alaska Peninsula and the Bristol Bay regions of Alaska are synonymous with great fishing and hunting.  Fish species available include rainbow trout, arctic grayling, arctic char, and silver salmon.  Included in the package are 3 days of guided fly out fishing, 4 nights accommodations, meals, local transfers, freezing of your fish and game, and an unguided drop off deluxe caribou hunt (number of days in the field is your choice).  Moose and caribou combination hunt packages are priced on request.  Waterfowl and ptarmigan hunting can be substituted or added to your trip.  Call for prices.

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*FLOAT TRIP HUNTS – Available from Aug 1 – Oct 10 only.  Two person minimum.  From King Salmon.

                        A float trip in Alaska can be a great way to experience a combination of activities including moose, caribou, and bird hunting along with the various species of fish available in the watersheds.  What better way to see a larger part of Alaska’s wilderness than on a river while rafting from place to place.  From our location in King Salmon, there are many different river systems that can offer great access to either moose or caribou, waterfowl, upland birds, and an abundance of fish.  Float trip hunts include float place access to and from the river, raft, rowing frame, raft accessories, and a map briefing of the intended river for drop off and pick up.  The hunter must provide all other gear and food.  Floats can be arranged for six or ten day trips.

Alagnak River Float Hunt - Moose only Call For Pricing 

Nushagak River Float Hunt - Call For Pricing 

Gentlemen’s Float Hunt - Call For Pricing 

*Other Alaska River Float Hunt Prices quoted on request:  Mulchatna, Koktuli, King Salmon, Stuyahok, Tikchik and others.  (Note: A 6% fuel surcharge is added to all rates)

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Reservations:  Call, write, or e-mail us for the Deposit Itinerary Form and other hunting information.  We require a 30% deposit per person for the amount of the total package within 14 days of booking to confirm a reservation.  Reservations will not be held without the confirming deposit.  The balance is due 60 days prior to travel.  Cancellations will be refunded in full prior to June 1st.  After June 1st refunds will only be given if available space has been sold.

Liability and ResponsibilityBranch River Air is operated by Hartley, Inc., an Alaska Corporation.  Branch River Air reserves the right to cancel or alter any itinerary as current conditions require.  Branch River Air and Hartley, Inc., will not be responsible for any expense due to delays or cancellations of transportation services or any increase in transportation  or accommodation rates.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  Branch River Air and Hartley, Inc., will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or injury to participants or personal property or for any cancellation expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, transportation, or acts of God (ANIMAL MIGRATIONS & population densities).  Due to extreme weather conditions associated with the Alaska Peninsula and Bristol Bay area, we recommend the best outdoor gear you can afford.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.

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Float Plane access is our specialty.
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