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An average July day at Brooks Falls.

One of the most exciting things you can do when visiting Alaska is to meet eyes with one of it's apex predators. It's an experience rarely forgotten, and is an increasingly popular item to add to your itinerary while visiting.


By far our most popular destination is the famous Brooks Camp located just 30 miles east of King Salmon in Katmai National Park. It provides some of the best Brown Bear viewing in the world in a safe and easily accessible environment. A great day or half day excursion, our trips are customized around your schedule. Peak times are June 20-July 20th and again September 1st to October 10th.


Rates are based per aircraft round trip (NOT PER PERSON) and are: $1440 per 206 (max 850lbs/up to 5 passengers) and $2160 per beaver (max 1400lb/ up to 7 passengers). Additionally there is a $30 per person Brooks River access fee. 


Other destinations within Katmai National Park are also available to provide true wilderness experiences as well as outstanding photography. Destinations can be decided on the day of the flight based on bear activity. Prices vary based on flight time.

Bear Viewing: Service
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