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Flight Information


Most of our destinations do not have developed docking facilities. Waterproof footwear is a highly recommended. 

Where to Stay in King Salmon

If an overnight stay in King Salmon is part of your itinerary, there are multiple options of places to stay. Those options include but are not limited to:

Bear Trail Lodge

Antlers Inn

Blue Fly B&B

King Salmon Lodge

Bear Trail Cabins (campsites available)

King Salmon Suites

Bristol Bay Lodging

Gold Creek Lodge

Home rentals may be available on Airb&b

Cancelations and Deposits

All Flights are conducted at the pilot’s discretion and are weather permitting.  Branch River Air, Inc. accepts no responsibility for delays or cancellations caused by weather, mechanical discrepancies, or any other circumstances.

Flights delayed due to weather are rescheduled at the first available opportunity as weather allows.  In the event that the flight is cancelled for weather issues by the Air Taxi; a full refund will be issued.

Deposits are not required for booking your tips; as such there is no charge for canceled flights

Packing for Your Trip

Less is more when preparing for your flight as all of our flights are weight restricted. Soft sided bags (especially coolers) are always preferred to hard-sided luggage. 

Hazardous Goods

Some items may be allowed on our aircraft that are not normally permitted in checked baggage. However they must be declared and special paperwork may be required. 

What to Wear

Customers spending the day in the in the great outdoors whether flightseeing, bear viewing or fishing should keep in mind Alaska’s changing weather. We recommend layers: rainproof outerwear, insulated jacket, hat, gloves, hiking boots/appropriate footwear, sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellent. Medication taken on a daily basis for example; asthma, heart, allergies should be carried on your person in case of delays out in the field.

Credit Card Transactions

All prices shown on Branch River Air, Inc. website or quotes are cash prices. We impose a surcharge of 3.00% when paying with a credit card, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. 

Getting to King Salmon

Commercial air service from Anchorage is provided by Alaska Airlines and Aleutian Airways. Tickets can be purchased on their respective websites. 

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